About Amelia Jane Designs

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We believe that human adornment - and the desire to accentuate our natural beauty as manifested in the form of jewelry - is a timeless part of the human journey.

The craft of making fine jewelry by hand, using precious materials from the earth, is a sacred tradition.

 Luxury adornment is a part of celebrating our human beauty in all moments, whether it be at the helm of an executive board room, at an evening event with cocktails, or at the playground wrangling children and lattes.

Amelia Jane founded the company on these ideals. She believes in looking fabulous every single day and she finds an endless wellspring of joy in sharing that passion with others by celebrating a love of hand crafted and fine jewelry that is unique and playful and timelessly classic.

Amelia was raised in the beautiful coastal town of Beach Haven, New Jersey, footsteps from the Atlantic Ocean. Her family noticed her artistic abilities at an early age and encouraged her to nurture that passion by pursuing higher education at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in 2000. Her original plan to pursue a Fine Arts degree was laid aside when she discovered her true calling in an early Metalsmithing elective during her freshman year. Amelia matriculated in 2004 with a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, and a passionate drive to create handmade art.

After graduation, Amelia began her career as a bench jeweler on the iconic and historic Jeweler's Row in Philadelphia. She continued to study and hone her craft under the tutelage of several master jewelers and world-renowned designers.

As she honed her craft, Amelia Jane also began to focus on her most cherished creations: her 3 beautiful children, Scarlett, Hazel and Atlas. Motherhood has further defined Amelia Jane Designs, as the love of craft and adornment continues to be informed and defined by the modern mission of balance: juggling motherhood and her passion to create.

By working from home and doing freelance for other designers, Amelia has developed a sense of style that fits the modern experience where balance is crucial. This strive for balance informs her belief that luxe adornment is for everyone in all spaces.

As part of that mission, Amelia Jane Designs selects gemstones and metal to create a playful relationship between the materials themselves. She is excited by balanced contrasts- between her bucolic coastal childhood town and her formative years in the gritty and glam urban experience of Philadelphia; between her experience as an independent female business owner and as a mother of three small children. These contrasts: of color and texture, of precious metal and rare gemstones, of ocean and concrete, and of motherhood and craft - these dichotomies define Amelia Jane and inform the designs themselves. Amelia believes that beauty lives in the balance.

With these passions in mind, Amelia Jane Designs was born. Our debut collection embodies the true spirit of the artist, in a balanced look that is both classic and preppy, with a twist of unconventional and playfully unexpected details. Amelia Jane Designs invites you to celebrate your own beauty and mission of balance.

"Serving my dharma through the act of making."